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The TEC Welding Products Company, established in 1955, is the oldest independent TIG torch maker in the world. Its reputation for high quality innovative products is known and respected around the world. The Tec team has introduced more innovative products and has more patents for TIG welding torches and related products than any other company.

Products are sold by welding equipment distributors worldwide.

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Torch Parts Sheets
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H-16 Airco
H-35 Airco
R-9FV Rocker
R-17FV Rocker
Dinse Connector Chart
3538 Dinse Connector
SW-320 Speedway
SW-450 Speedway
T428 Tec
T429 Tec
TEC-Spot Gun
T5000 Tec-Spot Gun
T5505 Tec-Spot Gun
WT-9 Weldtec
WT-17 Weldtec
WT-18 Weldtec
WT-20 Weldtec
Machine Torch
WT-22 Machine Torch
WT-23 Machine Torch
WT-24 Weldtec
WT-24W Weldtec
WT-25 Weldtec
WT-26 Weldtec
Machine Torch
WT-27A Machine Torch
WT-27W Machine Torch
WT-28 Machine Torch
WT-29 Machine Torch
Micro Torch
WT-60 Micro Torch
WT-125 Micro Torch
Ball Joint
WTB-9 Ball Joint
WTB-17 Ball Joint
WTB-18 Ball Joint
WTB-20 Ball Joint
Flex Neck
WTF-9 Flex Neck
WTF-17 Flex Neck
WTF-18 Flex Neck
WTF-20 Flex Neck
WTR-9 Roto
WTR-17 Roto
WTR-18 Roto
WTR-20 Roto
WTS-9 Stubby
WTS-17 Stubby
WTS-24 Stubby
Torch Options
Standard Torch Options “NEW”
Stubby Torch Options “NEW”
Torch Options “NEW”

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New Products

Megaflo . . .

glass nozzles

MegaFlo Glass Nozzle

Clear . . .

quartz nozzles

 Clear Quartz Nozzle

Rocker . . .

pipe welder's dream

Rocker torches

Glass Nozzle Kits *NEW*

Quartz Nozzle Kit

Gas Lens Kits *NEW*

Gas Lens Kit


Power Cable

Twister Power Cable

Wedge Collets


Wedge Collets

TIG Welding Torches

water cooled torches

Water Cooled
TIG Torches

WT-18, 18SC,
20, 24W, 25

micro tig torch

Micro TIG

WT-60, 60F, 125, 125F

i-Head torches

TIG Torches

WTB-9, 17, 18, 20
WTF-9, 17, 18, 20
WTR-9, 17, 18, 20

Rocker torches

TIG Torches

R-9FV, 9V

TEC Spot Gun

TIG Spot Gun

5000, 5505

Stubby Torch

TIG Torches

WTS-9, 17, 24

TIG Welding Accessories

Stubby Gas Lens

Stubby Gas Lens

WT-17, 18, 26
Rocker R-17

Product Notes

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The TIG or GTAW process was invented by the welding department at Northrop Aircraft Company in 1939 -1941. The new process was called "Heliarc" as it originally used an electric arc to melt the materials and helium gas to shield the molten puddle from the surrounding air.

It was Mr. Jack Northrop's dream to build a magnesium airframe for lighter, faster fighter planes and the welding department guys came up with the process and developed the first TIG torches. The original development work and patents were sold to Linde Air Products so Northrop could concentrate on the war efforts.

After World War II, the Linde Air Products Company introduced their "Heliarc" brand of TIG torches to industry and soon thereafter the Air Reduction Company (AIRCO) introduced their "Heliweld" brand of torches. The Tec Torch brand was introduced in 1955 by a small metal fabricator in New Jersey making Tec Torch the oldest independent torch producer in the world.

The Tec Torch Company pioneered many innovative features;

Today, now known as Tec Welding Products, the line of products includes those innovative original Tec torches, WeldTec brand of torches including Speedway, i-head, and Rocker series of pipe welding torches.

The Tec Welding Products design team is headed by the most prolific TIG torch innovator, former owner and founder of Weldcraft Products. He is recognized worldwide for his innovative designs, quality construction and attention to detail.

Tec Welding products are sold by welding equipment distributors across the USA, Canada, Mexico, United Kingdom, Japan, Australia, Germany, Europe and most industrial countries.

"Where quality and innovation never ends"

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